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• Josipa Miković

Helioz Technologies welcomed students on open house day!

On the 24th of November, Helioz Technologies organized an open house day in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod. This event was organized to introduce their students to our work and accomplishments. 

We started the day with a simple introduction and presentation. Our valuable team members briefly explained our field of work to them. Each team member described their positions within the company and how they decided to improve their work and skills at Helioz.

After a short presentation, the students got a tour of our office. At the same time, our team members were available all the time for all their questions. With professional guidance, the students could see the 'inside' of Helioz and get answers to numerous questions related to our applications - zipCPQ and Pallet Insights.

At the very end, a few students stayed a little longer and got to know our work and team members more closely.

We are a team of industry experts and software developers who develop applications for industrial manufacturers and offer CAD design services.

We go all out in creating our products – zipCPQ and Pallet Insights. Through continuous education, we ensure that our products exude quality. We are committed to creating an environment and culture that promotes creativity and innovation. First and foremost, we are a team and promote our team members' growth and satisfaction. We believe in clear communication and respectful cooperation.

Our team is full of enthusiastic young people seeking new experiences. We welcome people who like new challenges. If you are creative, proactive, and value learning, check out our careers page and fill in an application.

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