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01 Niche Cloud Application

We have developed two applications – zipCPQ and
Pallet Insights, but we are not stopping here. We
also offer our clients custom features and
integrations as additional enhancements.

UX/UI Design





We have, collectively, more than 100 years of experience developing configurable 3D product catalogs, part numbering systems and product configurators.

We will evaluate client requirements and recommend and utilize the best commercially available catalog development solution or modeling technology to develop 3D product content to meet your business requirements.

Solution areas:

3D solid modeling design

2D detailed drawings, plots and technical illustrations

3D catalog development

3D architectural models

Image rendering


Product configurators and part number lookup systems

You can check out one of the many product catalogs and 3D CAD models we created together with our partners Traceparts here.


ECAD or Electronic Computer-Aided Design is a category of sophisticated engineering tools for planning and designing electronic systems.

Together with Traceparts we developed Traceparts ECAD Converter.

Creating ECAD data manually takes a lot of time and resources while the maintenance of the data is an additional challenge.

When designing new electrical systems, engineers and designers prefer to be supported by the manufacturer. Manufacturers of the electrical components are challenged to support their clients and provide all these electrical CAD formats for their components.

They will make ECAD data manually, and with a few thousand different configurations of components and limited resources, they will have to invest a lot of time to get this done.

The second challenge they have to overcome is if there are any changes in the configuration of the existing data. They would have to update ECAD data manually, which again, takes a lot of time.

Because this process is inefficient, Manufacturer has to find a solution to accelerate and automate this process.

With TraceParts ECAD Converter, ECAD data will be automatically generated and updated, in case of any subsequent change.

TraceParts Electrical CAD Converter offers a significant acceleration of creating EPLAN parts and all other Electrical CAD formats with an increase in quality and maintenance capabilities.

03 Manufacturing   Marketing

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