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Sales Automation: How It Helps Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

It is undeniable that the advent of technology has enabled people to make tremendous progress in the speed and accuracy of performing everyday work. From Artificial Intelligence systems to Smart-Home Automation, applications of automation are never-ending. And businesses are ongoing with technological development; in fact, plenty of them have started adopting a broad range of automated processes to upgrade their operations.

Nowadays, sales reps spend barely one-third of their day selling; the rest of the working day goes to administrative tasks that could have easily been automated. Since automation has created a fundamental change in the way we work, best-of-class businesses have started considering automation as a key driver of cost efficiency and increased sales.

Sales automation handles some of your crucial tasks, providing you extra time to focus on the task for which you are there; selling. There are a number of ways in which automation can polish up your sales process.

For instance, an advanced manufacturing company applied automation to streamline its sales cycle, increase sales team performance, and generate complex quotes. They used to do everything manually, from assembling documents to putting together the proposal. Now, pre-designed proposals are automatically filled in with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data. The main task of the sales rep is to review the completed proposal and send it to the customer. If your business spends too much time dealing with generating complex quotes, zipCPQ is a great tool to cover all your needs.

Automate Your Sales Process – All You Need to Know

Sales Automation is not just for big companies; in fact, automation tools are essential for any business that want to meet customers’ high expectations around digital brand experiences. By automating your sales process, you can deliver the experience your customer expects to have while saving your precious time at work.

The importance of your website

Your website is your visitors’ first impression of your business, and visual design is essential. People visit your Social Media with no particular purpose; to click and scroll around. On the other hand, they visit your website for a reason, and you must provide them with forms for inquiry, free demos, special reports, etc. Regardless of what business you’re in, it would be best to use your website to tell people how to connect with your business.

An Automated sales process gives you a course of action for converting leads into customers. With the right tool (e.g., zipCPQ), you can build strong a relationship with customers that will last for years to come. When you have multiple potential clients in your sales funnel, you may be wasting hours just trying to get them done, and those tasks could be costing you a lot of time and money. The more time you spend doing those mentioned tasks, the less time you’re dedicated to finding high-quality prospects and delivering an effective pitch of your products and services.

Automate Your CPQ

Buyers demand customization, and manufacturers adapt to their requirements. Unfortunately, offering more and more custom options can lead to such an amount that sales reps could struggle to keep up with them.

If Excel sheets are still making the only Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution for your business, it’s time to utilize the power of CPQ automation to accelerate, digitize and standardize your sales process. Configuring products can be challenging if you have numerous products with compatibility issues; failures often give your competitors the upper hand. Regardless of entanglement, CPQ automation guides sales reps perfectly optimized configurations and pack up for every customer. One of the best CPQ tools is zipCPQ. Discover how you can implement this tool in your business and start seeing all the benefits by visiting the zipCPQ website.

These findings have shown that CPQ automation tools like zipCPQ are pretty new to small businesses but have an enormous impact. Businesses can produce accurate and error-free sales quotes for their clients. CPQ tool like zipCPQ allows small owners to compare with much larger competitors. A sales team can deliver an accurate quote without the usual delays that can possibly cost a sale.

It should be mentioned that prices are dropping slowly but surely, and adaptations in technological change are being made to line up with the need of smaller businesses. Now advances in sales automation such as CPQ will allow your employees to compete with large groups.

Suppose you want your business to take advantage of such an opportunity. In that case, you should choose the zipCPQ tool to digitize your knowledge and to take the essential parts of the sales cycle out of spreadsheets and put them into an automated sales tool that delivers error-free quotes.

Some of the benefits of using zipCPQ are:

1. Customers can easily configure products and get a visual preview
2. You’ll never lose a sale due to bad intel
3. Guided selling will help you better understand your customers
4. Increased sales team performance, etc.

If you want us to provide you with this powerful tool and move the boundaries of your business to a higher level, please contact us, and our Helioz team will get back to you as soon as possible!

zipCPQ will improve your sales process without a doubt!

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