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Pallet Insights - The Entire Logistics Of Pallet Transport

When it comes to running a business, selling and providing services are some of the most critical factors, but they should not diminish the inner workings of a business. Employees are making decisions on a daily basis, which may affect the profit-making in business, so when a business has an efficient integrated business management system (BMS) to maintain this, such as “Pallet Insights”, the possibility of making a significant profit increases rapidly.

It could be a challenge to handle so many things at once, thinking that you can keep your business on track. With that being said, many companies are turning to the BMS to provide best practices with governance, i.e., pallet industries where every second counts, meaning that customers won’t tolerate delays in delivering, etc. In these kinds of businesses, many mistakes can be easily made, yet easy to solve with Pallet Insights.

If you are looking for a business management system for the pallet business that is cloud-based, functional in its capabilities out of the box, but flexible to allow customizations for a specific company – you’re in the right place!


Why is Pallet Insights the best solution for your business?

Pallet Insights is a high-quality business management system that helps you look at each and every one of your processes from a certain point of view. With only a few clicks, you can perform the following business functions:

  • Tracking inventory receipts
  • Production activity
  • Shipping & receiving activity
  • e-Signature integration for delivery BOL’s
  • Business intelligence for business process improvement
  • Identification of inventory leakage (with planned inventory functions)


Key Advantages of Pallet Insights

Ease of use plays an essential part in a business management system, so we ensured that Pallet Insights provides a condition for its users to perform tasks effectively and efficiently while enjoying the experience. Usability is our number one thing!

Pallet Insights’ proven rapid deployment guarantees rapid installation service for users. Recent site deployment for 20 users was completed within one month!

This business management system works perfectly for your business, but want some customizations? Don’t worry about that! Helioz provides total flexibility to customize Pallet Insights in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Insights is compatible with browsers on Apple® MacOS, Microsoft® Windows, Apple iOS, and Google® Android web browsers. When it comes to hardware equipment, Pallet Insights requires no proprietary or vendor-required hardware as well as the on-site server or related staffing requirements. We take care of everything! For more information, check out our Pallet Insights page.


Pallet Insights Modules and Their Features

With various modules and additional custom features, this powerful tool can solve any requirement your business has. An organization can purchase only the modules relevant to its business model and key challenges, and that each module has specific uses.

Some of the most popular modules are:

User Management Module

It is used to create new users, assign the user roles, add/edit permission for a given role, delete users, etc. Furthermore, the part of this module is user maintenance, i.e., creating or editing users such as drivers, customers, employees, loaders, etc.

Dispatch Module

A dispatcher can assign any Shipment or Collection to the driver simply by selecting the driver and dragging and dropping a specific Shipment/Collection onto the appropriate driver.

Daily Board View

All the Shipments with their status can be seen by users as well as the Collections requested by partners (Vendors) with their info.

Driver Loads View

A driver can see all the loads that have to deliver or pickup. By choosing a specific load, the driver is given detailed information about it.

Map Module

An interactive Map assists the dispatch of the Shipments and Collections, allowing users to track and get detailed information about delivery and pickup. It can zoom in or out to focus on different areas.

Production Module

This model allows users to track production activities and to enter related data for each type of production. Every production entry can be updated in any part of the production process and to monitor Employee productivity.

Customer Portal

Shipments and Collections can be tracked by Customers allowing them to get insight into the most important parts of the business. Customers can request a pickup or delivery, generate reports, etc.

Reports Module

Users are allowed to generate different types of reports as they are divided into several different categories.

Digitalization of Production Activity

Utilizing different technologies and pulling production data from other systems allows one to enter and track the most important production activities in real-time.

Paycom Integration

This module allows users to import the proceeded production/payroll data to Paycom from Insights. All production data is captured in the Insights database, proceeded, and pushed to the Paycom via API/SFTP.

Inventory Module

It provides an option to maintain a perpetual inventory reconciliation every day. Dashboard screen and related tables show the real-time inventory status for different item types.

Digital Grade Sheets

This module is a separate Forklift Operator Portal (module). The Forklift Operator (Loader) enters grade sheets digitally in real-time, thus eliminating a step and reducing potential data entry errors.

Efficient business management software like Pallet Insights helps businesses address their scaling growth and operations by keeping things manageable and straightforward. Pallet Insights is a great business management system for pallet industries where it comes with a variety of modules that meet the needs of their businesses.

Visit our web page Pallet Insight to find out more about it.

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to answer them all!

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