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What Is Onshape?

Onshape is a cloud-based CAD and data management solution platform available through desktop and mobile apps. It is the first Saas (Software-as-a-Service) product development software of its kind. This software consolidated many features (p.e. CAD, built-in data management, in-context editing, etc.) into one solid unit called Onshape. That is why this company stands out as a global leader in the field of product development.

As mentioned, Onshape is a subscriber-based, cloud-focused software model, which for Onshape's customers means that the SaaS CAD platform has changed their workflows and business needs and provided benefits such as better collaboration, integrated data management, minimal to no installation, etc. It is an excellent way for users to design in a condition where all documents integrate perfectly without thinking of missing files. Besides that, users can connect from anywhere on any device without downloads and installations, making their work a lot easier.

Why Onshape?

Long-established CAD systems have not progressed from the installations, expensive hardware, and file-based architecture they launched 30 years ago. Obstacles such as PDM systems, exhausting upgrades, and data loss create unnecessary problems that increase costs and reduce productivity. Unlike traditional CAD systems, Onshape brings new features that help the engineering teams get back in the innovation business instead of IT business.

Expedites time-to-market

With the rapid technological change, those with speed-to-market strategies usually won and kept customers. With the Onshape, teams can work together rapidly because this platform is the only product development software that can be installed right away on any desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, they can search for design alternatives simultaneously or independently without influencing other teammate’s work. With that being said, multiple design iterations can be finished in parallel, and once approved, the best elements can be integrated into one final project as a result.

Zero IT Footprint

Access to Onshape’s cloud-based platform requires no installation or download. The only thing you need is a modern web browser from your computer. Administrators can immediately provision seats to scale their design team. Onshape empowers your engineers to spend more time designing than dealing with IT issues, incompatible file types, etc.

Risk Reduction and IP Protection

There is a possibility that your product designs with traditional file-based CAD could be a subject to unauthorized duplication, data breaches, or even accidental sharing. These kinds of security risks don’t exist when using Onshape. Anyone involved in the product design lifecycle gets specific permission and rights. You can see a complete version history of stored designs.

Real-Time Data Management

If someone in the team makes a design change from anywhere in the world, everyone else can instantly see it; that is called real-time data management. Only Onshape, out of any other product development platform, includes this feature!
What does Onshape offer?
Data Management
Integrated version release and control management tools avoid the necessity for an individual PDM system. At any time, each and every one of the team members works on the latest design data. Every edit made by someone is recorded, providing the ability to undo or redo. Multiple product ideas can be derived by parallel merging and branching.


You can edit the design with other users simultaneously. It is also possible to view their changes in real-time as they are made. As you share your design with your team members, you can set specific permissions for each of them to view, edit or export your design.
In Onshape, Release Management is a set of automated workflows to manage the release procedures and audit of control parts, assemblies, drawings, and imported files. You can create custom workflows specific to your own business processes and set up trigger points for emails and notifications. It should be pointed out that these tools are built into Onshape’s design directly, requiring no additional installs.


Part Studio is a container to create and edit parts, sketches, and surfaces. You are able to customize your Part Studio to fit your design needs. It uses the power of a single parametric history to build robust relationships between multiple parts and enable top-down or bottom-up methodologies.


You can create complex and highly conceived assemblies with parts linked from other Documents. Manage updates and design parts in-context predictably. There is no such a thing as missing files or broken links, Onshape’s database architecture eliminates that problem.


Onshape’s CAD Drawings use industry-standard formats and the latest standards to create production-ready documentation. Using built-in Release Management with automatic part numbering, you can release manufacturing CAD blueprints.

Bill of Materials

While editing an assembly, it is possible to configure and manage a CAD Bill of Materials (BOM). According to real-time updates, the BOM will never be out of sync with the reflecting assembly. For those with multi-discipline requirements, Onshape provides a BOM Application Programing Interface that enables customers to build custom apps to harness the Bill of Materials data in the table.


Every interaction made by employees or external suppliers is recorded and presented in tables and charts. You are able to monitor all design activity, review document access, and manage your resources and projects better. You can access this data from anywhere, even via the Onshape mobile app too.


Onshape’s Learning Center offers video training in your own time and schedule. Your Documents can be shared with Onshape Support and, with this technique, the issue will be solved more quickly, enabling the staff to see what the exact problem is.


Onshape’s database architecture uses geographically distributed servers with various replicas and is backed up every 3 hours. Onshape is built upon the AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud) Infrastructure that provides secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It uses robust authentication systems for establishing user identity.

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