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Helioz Technologies is sponsoring menThor program

Helioz Technologies has recognized the potential in one more project called menThor program, initiated by the Connect IT association from Slavonski Brod, and got involved. Therefore, it is a pilot project that would educate high school students and teach them new skills, which is essential in ICT, where there is a lack of qualified IT professionals. Moreover, it will be determined whether this project is sustainable in this region.

In cooperation with Technical school, 12 students were hired to work on 5 projects as part of the menThor program. We are incredibly proud that there is such an opportunity for students from Slavonski Brod to spend their summer holidays educating themselves and getting paid for that! Furthermore, the students will have the chance to work on these projects:

  • Video game development (Unity)
  • Virtual walk development (Unity)
  • 3D model development for a virtual walk and computer game (Blender)
  • Website development
  • Algorithm development for machine learning in the field of computer vision


One of the main goals of the menThor program is to raise awareness about the importance of additional education in high schools, which would encourage students to create a passion for studying ICT at the young age and speed up their path to employment. Also, that is the main reason Helioz will sponsor this project.

What is our role in this project? We will give our best to provide students with the support, guidance, and feedback they need to thrive in this project. We will be sponsoring and mentoring students that are working on Website development. With our help, they will build the best-looking website! Undoubtedly, we will provide them with knowledge and experiences that we have as well as access to new professional contacts and opportunities.

The following plan of this project is to raise it to a higher level and include other schools and companies from all over Croatia. Later on, this program will be extended to students with different talents such as drawing, video production, content writing, etc.

One day, we hope that some of those students will be a part of our Helioz team and work with us on interesting and challenging projects!

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