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Implementation of Helioz Product Configurator

The purpose of the Helioz product configurator is to help customers to save time by quickly configuring a product to place an order or request a quote. A configurator is more than a product selector, as each selection can reveal new configuration parameters.  Configurators can have thousands or millions of possible combinations.

The simple and intuitive configurator user interface hides the complexity and product logic in an elegant way.  Depending on the usage area, the user interface may look different.  The configurator can be designed with text selectors or image based navigation or a mix of both.

Steps to perform during implementation of the Helioz product configurator:

  • Specification and data analysis
    • What are the sources of the product data?

    • What will the result look like?

  • Design of user interface
    • Text or graphical selection?

    • Generation and display of 3D graphics?

  • Setting up the rules engine and content generation
    • Combination logic is added

    • Create content

    • Implement integration of CRM and/or ERP systems

  • Configurator exports
    • Part / Product number

    • Pricing

    • Metadata and parts list for complex combinations

    • RFQ generation

  • Webpage implementation