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Configure, select and buy

Making sure you are buying the right product without wasting time is a big win!

The Helioz Configurator is an essential web-based tool for simple to complex mechanical, electromechanical and architectural products.  Efficient product configuration solutions are the difference between winning and losing business.

We don't want to change how you do business!  We want to make it fun
and easy for your customers to find and buy your products!

An outstanding digital customer experience on your website will keep your customers and prospective customers coming back day after day.

Product Selectors

Filter products by application, keyword, parametric search, specifications, etc. with a minimum number of clicks. This will narrow down the products that fit your customers' needs.

Product Configurator

Once the product line is identified with the product selector, your customer needs to select from the many options that create an unambiguous orderable product with its related part number.

Improved Customer Experience

The ease of implementing the Helioz Product Configurator makes it ideal for many products.  Once your customers feel comfortable and secure with the selection process, they will keep coming back and stay engaged with your brand.

Boost your sales

Product Configurator has power to streamline important areas of your business in one place.  Sharing your engineers' know-how through a guided selection process, generating user statistics, increasing web traffic and delivering news opportunities across the sales and marketing teams.

Catalog selection process navigation with multiple choices

Every day different user profiles are visiting websites searching for products.  We need to offer them a way to choose their product in the most confident and secure way; if they feel confident with selection process they will come back.

Why don't you go ahead and test it yourself!