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Improve your business with pricing functionality

There are similarities in the buying process, whether in a retail environment or an online store.  In addition to product specifications and related information, often times the most important parameter for a purchase decision is ready access to  product cost.

The clear trend is that buying process is migrating more and more to online stores, and we need to follow that trend by enabling platforms for customers where they will be able to place their orders easily, and with confidence.   Every customer wants to have real time information about how much a configured product will cost.  Have you ever configured a car for purchase on a manufacturer's website?  Try it!  It's quick and easy to build your own digital car, and the price updates in real time.  The same is true for mechanical, electromechanical and architectural products.

Helioz Pricing and Delivery module

The Helioz Pricing & Delivery Module is a powerful tool which generates product pricing information in real time during the configuration process.  It enables the customer to see product cost while configuring a product and to see the relationship between configured product options and pricing.

Pricing and product delivery information is directly updated from back-end product databases which ensures the most accurate information for your customer and keeps it is easy to maintain.  Updates in one place are immediately reflected on your website and other sales channels with data syndication. 

When a pricing and delivery database isn't available, Helioz will consult with you to migrate pricing from Excel, CSV and other systems into an online format for inclusion on your website in the Pricing & Delivery Module.

The Pricing Module allows for different pricing strategies for distributors and customers with different roles or in different markets, different discounts etc.

With the Helioz Pricing & Delivery module, time for generating price quotes will be dramatically reduced from minutes to real time, and the possibility of human error is virtually eliminated.  Customers can access pricing information any time of the day or night.