Customer stories

Synapse Product Development

Synapse is a global product development firm from Seattle that resolves complex engineering challenges for various brands. Synapse recognizes Onshape's modern CAD system for helping speed up collaboration between its electrical, mechanical, and software engineers.


Cutsforth decided to deal with delays and mistakes that could harm a business and fix them at their source by evaluating a more robust, streamlined CAD solution by switching from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape.

Dixie Iron Works

As a global leader in oil field flows control equipment, Dixie Iron Works switch to Onshape and ditch their old, outdated CAD system. They have noticed an enormous positive impact on their pace of innovation and the reduction in IT overhead.


Hirebotics decided early on that they will choose Onshape because they saw this platform as a potential time-saver. They were right - Hirebotics accelerated their business with Onshape in all aspects - from opening CAD models on phones in the field to building assemblies more efficiently.