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Boost your sales with Helioz Data Syndicator

If you are manufacturer, distributor or in retail sales, you are motivated every day to sell more of your market leading products!  And to make it easy and fun for your customers to buy from you instead of your competition.  What will sell more products? What will make your customers confident enough to buy product from you?

The availability of accurate product Data and Pricing Information is Key

Helioz Data Syndicator

Today’s Scenario

Manufacturers sell a large percentage of their products through distributors and retail channels.  Distributors often face the challenge of having an insufficient amount of product data on their websites and often product information is out of date, especially pricing, delivery and inventory information.

Communicating product information to sales distribution channels is challenging due to the many ways that distributors require product data be delivered for its display on their websites.  There is no worldwide standard for the communication of this information.  In the United States, the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) has developed a solution for its members called the Product & Price Information Format (PPIF).  This approach has helped many associations, distributors and manufacturers communicate effectively.  The Helioz Data Syndicator coexists with such an approach, and can feed data files in support of PPIF.

It also provides tools to display product information on distributors' websites that is sourced directly from the manufacturers' product data without an intermediary data transfer. With implementation of the Helioz Data Syndicator, manufacturers can selectively choose the product data to display for different sales channels and keep the data updated in real time, including product specifications, dimensions, 2D/3D images and CAD data, including viewers.