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Sales overview

Boost your sales by Automating Your Sales Lead Capture process

Technology and sales processes are changing rapidly with every new day.  Manufacturers are facing new generations of customers demanding real time product information, and they have short attention spans.  The same goes for your sales team!  Sales professionals also require timely, accurate information to exceed their sales quotas and deliver maximum sales results for your company.

So, how can you keep up with these changes and compete with industry leaders?

It's simple.  Leverage technology trends and turn them into your own advantage.

Helioz CRM Integrator

The Helioz CRM Integrator delivers sales leads to your CRM system in real time.  It delivers product inquiries from your website that includes your customers' interests, configurations (including part number(s)) and pricing directly to your sales team by integrating with your CRM system.  Your website becomes a well-oiled sales machine!

CRM Integrator is a time saver for your marketing and sales team and allows them to immediately follow up on potential sales opportunities.

Integration with CRM or any other database system will bring you automated, more accurate and faster sales.  Your digital customer experience will be improved, which paves the way for increased sales and profitability.  So why not automate the process, modernize your business process and gain advantage from it?